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Fraser is a residential neighbourhood in Northeast Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Like many of the neighbourhoods in the Clareview area, it is centred about an elementary school. "Named for John Fraser, an original homesteader in the area and one of the first trustees of the Belmont School."

The neighbourhood is bounded on the west by Victoria Trail, on the north by 153 Avenue NW, on the east by the North Saskatchewan River and 6 Street NW (this is approximate due to recent expansion eastward into previously fielded areas), and on the south by 144 Avenue NW. The most common type of residence, according to the 2005 municipal census, is the single-family dwelling. These account for three out of every five (59%) of all residences. The remaining two out of every five are evenly divided among rented apartments (15%), duplexes (13%) and row houses (13%). The apartments are all in low-rise buildings with fewer than five stories. Three out of every four (77%) of all residences are owner-occupied with only one in four (23%) being rented. The community is represented by the Fraser Community League, established in 1982, which maintains a community hall and outdoor rink located at 21 Street and 147 Avenue.

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