Home Features That Decrease Value

Just like the features that can increase the value of your home, there is a laundry list of factors that can decrease the value as well. It is equally important to think about what can negatively impact your home's value as those that can increase it. Here is a few often-overlooked features that may negatively impact the value of your home: Smoking Indoors Certainly everyone is entitled to utilize their home according to their lifestyle, however, if there's a lingering smell of smoke, that could negatively affect the value. Smoke seeps into furniture, carpet, and draperies and often is extremely difficult to permanently get rid of. Odors Many people become "nose blind" to odors in their own dwelling. As previously mentioned, smoke is a big factor, but other odors can be a problem. Pets are usually the biggest factor. Higher than average crime rates When was the last time you checked the crime rates in your area? If you have never checked or have not done so lately, you can find them at crimereports.com. Be sure to compare your neighborhood to surrounding neighborhoods to see how the rates vary. If you are in an area with high crime rates, that can decrease the value of your home. Extreme renovations We all love personalizing our living spaces to our exact tastes, however, when remodels and upgrades are only pleasing to a small percentage of people, this can be a big disadvantage when it comes to your home's value. Try to look at your home through the eyes of the average consumer - are there any colors or extreme styles that might turn someone off? If so, and they are relatively easy to fix, consider doing so before listing your home. High Maintenance Yards The yard is often timing the first thing potential buyers notice about your home. If the landscaping has not been taken care of it can look like an overwhelming amount of work to a prospective buyer and they will likely take that first impression with them through the rest of the home. If you have a high maintenance yard, make sure it has well taken care of before showings. 

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